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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Our Advent longing will be fulfilled; Jesus comes to us again in a special Mass on Christmas - and now we even have early Christmas Masses before the traditional one where, at Midnight, the empty crib suddenly was filled with the Infant so reverently placed there. I am seriously thinking of going to the early children's Mass this year in order to cook a turkey dinner for my community on Christmas eve. I went once to a lovely children's Mass; those children must now all have children as it was the first year I came to Miami, I think, and that was twenty-four years ago. I believe there was even a birthday cake so the children sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. I remember some little girls dressed in green velvet dresses with lace collars; others were in red with matching bows; the little boys were more casually dressed, but some were feeling quite grown up in suits and some were even wearing ties. I think I was surprised to see the children so dressed up on Christmas eve in Miami. Of course, we did not have afternoon or evening Mass on the eve of Feast days when I was growing up.
We had a lovely veilee (we have a tradition in the Society of the Sacred Heart of a Christmas prayer vigil) last night for the Miami area RSCJs; we advanced our lovely prayer time together to the 23rd so that all could be present. Tonight we will have another prayer service for just my community and we will eat our dinner around the tree and listen to Christmas music together.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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