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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advent Icon

Today I will share some of the verses of an Advent Meditation by Janet Ersking Stuart: It has been put to music but usually we only know the first five verses; there are five more that are more for Christmas.

Long the ages rolled and slowly, to the coming of the Word,
Fervent longings grew more fervent, undismayed by hope deferred.
Weaker spirits sighed and whispered: "Could the Lord of all forget?"
While the Prophets scanned the protents, and in patience said: "Not yet."

Slowly passed the long procession, type and figure, saint and sage,
Seers with inspired voices, chanting from prophetic page,
Kings with crown and scepter carried, not their own but His by right,
Priests with incense, fire and victim, calling Him from Heaven's height.

O! that thous wouldst rend the heavens! O! that this might be the hour!
O! the wisdom, O! the Orient! O! the key of David's power.
O! Adonai, the Leader! Fire that shall Redemption bring,
O! desired of all the nations hasten! O! Emmanuel the King!

So they prayed, and through the ages so the faithful singers sung,
Sighing for the great appearing, sighs that like their harp-strings rang,
Dreaming that they heard the music of the High-priest's bells of gold
Ring among the silken fringes, in the glory known of old.

Dreaming that they felt Him coming, that the blessed time was near,
Counting out the weeks prophetic, gathering hope from everywhere;
Till at length the long procession halted, bade the singers cease--
Armies leaned upon their weapons...and the King was born in peace!

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