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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In the end is the beginning...

I am praying over the Constitutions this week in the context of the entire world. That is partly because I am caught up in Teilhard de Chardin's thought as expressed in Savary's "The New Exercises" as well as the fact that I am called to have a heart big enough to embrace the entire world and even the entire universe!
I am beginning my sharing of thoughts from our Constitutions with an excerpt from the Conclusion. #180 of the 1982 Constitutions tells us:
"Trusting in the action of the Spirit whose law is written in our hearts, each one of us pledges herself to cherish these Constitutions, to deepen her knowledge of them, to observe them, and to make them live through a fidelity which is constantly renewed."

Now I am aware that most of my readers are not members of the Society of the Sacred Heart, but I think that we all need to trust in the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives and that the law of the Spirit is written in our hearts so we need to be in touch by intensifying our spiritual life...I guess that is what this blog is all about and I ask us all to pray for one another so we allow ourselves to be very open to the inspirations of the Spirit.
After writing this I heard that the sister of one of my community, Marge, died early yesterday morning after only one day in Hospice care, and so I have been praying for her. I am sure you will pray for Joanne, too, and her family.

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