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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Living Water

I am still on this theme with the book "Water,wind, earth and fire" to help me. Here is a great quote from Gertrude the Great:
"Love, open on me--for I am very tiny--the viscera of your love and kindness. Open on me the cataracts of Your gracious fatherly nurturing. Break over me fountains of unlimited mercy. Absorb me in the depths of Your love. Drown me in the flood of Your living love, like a drop loses itself in the ocean's fullness. Let me die in the tsunami of Your immense compassion, as a little spark of fire fizzles in the stream's surging current. Let the raindrops of Your kind love make me cling to You."

I am writing this ahead of time and it is a stormy evening with heavy rain which Florida needs badly. South Florida usually has a rainy season that brings showers every day in June and this June was very dry. I welcome this rain but I am glad that I am indoors and do not need to go out tonight.
The problem with trying to schedule ahead is that I cannot give my morning prayer reflections ahead. It is now Sunday and the Gospel is the same as the Feast of the Sacred Heart (Mt 25): "Come to me all you who labor and are burdened and I will give you rest." I think of the many burdens that some have to carry and want to bring them all to Jesus who tells us, "Learn of me for I am meek and humble of heart."

I want to be immersed in the flood of God's love and I desire to cling to God all of my life.

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