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Monday, July 11, 2011

My soul is like...

Here is something I found that I wrote during a month of prayer in 2008:

My soul is like a flowing river.
It moves along with grace and peace
Until it reaches the ocean deep.
There it plunges into the depths
Becoming one with the majestic sea.

My soul is like a bubbling brook.
It sings and dances in each nook.
It seeks and longs to be free
To flow finally into stillness
There to rest and just be!

My soul is like a peaceful pond
That holds the entrance to His Heart.
I need to find the cleft in the rock
Hidden far below the dock,
For there He waits for me to enter.

Free from all that holds me back
Plunging deep into His Love;
Living water wells within
Nothing now do I lack
To spread His love from above.

My soul is like a rippling sea.
Gentle waves sing to me:
Let go of all you left ashore
Float in my love for ever more
Until I call you home to me.

1 comment:

Silvana said...

Thanks for your comment Helen - and now I've come and found you! I'm impressed that you manage to provide DAILY reflections - that must take some creativity and hard work! And if you go to the intranet of the int'l site you can add your blog to the list of RSCJ web initiaves Claude is compiling.