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Friday, July 22, 2011

Joy and the Risen Jesus

I am looking for all the places where our Constitutions speak of joy. Mary Magdalene, whose feast is celebrated today, was weeping when Jesus appeared to her and turned her tears into joy. Joy is the song of the Spirit under the pressure of happiness - I think I am quoting Mother Stuart. In researching the life of Mother Lucile Mathevon, a great pioneer woman and early companion of St. Philippine Duchesne, I am finding that she rejoiced in the midst of great hardship. She was able to bring joy to her community who were educating Indian girls and doing it very well. Lucile had a strong and beautiful voice and used it to praise God and to bring joy to others.
Today was also the feast day of St. Madeleine Sophie and you know that she said:
"Be simple, be humble, and bring joy to others." I wish you all much joy.
Jesus told us: "Let not your heart be troubled..." He wants His joy to be our joy!

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