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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Jesus has been raised from the dead, Alleluia, Alleluia. I am sure he went first to greet his mother.
Our faith is based on the fact that Jesus is still active and with us to help us to be all that God wants. It is wonderful to read the stories of the early Church as they tried to express what the presence of Jesus after his death meant to them. The women find the stone rolled back and the tomb empty; they are sent by an angel to tell the disciples; Peter and John rush to the tomb and find it empty as the women had said. Then we have the two disciples who are so discouraged that they have left Jerusalem and are talking when Jesus joins them on the road and asks them why they are so downcast. I love the fact that Jesus takes the initiative to draw them out and then explains the scriptures to them so that they understand and their hearts are burning within them. They invite Jesus to share their simple Sunday supper and so he goes in with them and they recognize him in the breaking of the bread. Then Jesus appears to all the disciples gathered in the upper room. He wants to bring them his peace and give them the power to forgive others. Jesus will come to each of us today so let us receive Him in joy!

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