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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sunday's Gospel

I have always loved the story of the woman who was brought to Jesus. The men were trying to trick Jesus; they reminded him that the penalty for adultery was stoning. Would Jesus uphold the law or not? (Of course, no one seems to wonder where the man was who also was involved in the adultery). Jesus justs says that whoever is without sin should throw the first stone. He does not look at them but bends down and makes marks in the sand. The men leave one by one until Jesus is alone with the woman. He asks her, "Has no one condemned you?" and she replies that no one has and so Jesus tells her that he does not condemn her either but tells her to go and sin no more. It is a simple story but I often feel that it really is something we can all experience in our own lives. Jesus wants to forgive us no matter what.

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