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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spy Wednesday

Today the Church remembers how Judas planned to betray Jesus. I am trying to enter into the silence of Holy Week. It is such a grace-filled time. My community gather each night for special prayer before going to the night services - tonight it is just prayer so I will go to the noon Mass.

In Daytona I was with someone who is devoted to Jesus, but who does not believe in His Presence in the Eucharist. I have been reflecting on this and feel she is missing so much by not believing. As she is one I once prepared for her First Communion, I feel that I need to pray for her to realize what she is missing now. I know that she is full of faith and close to Jesus so I will ask Him to take care of her. She left the Catholic Church to find a smaller community where she found love and acceptance and she is one of the most religious persons I know.

I just read that the first biography of the new Pope is out and available now for my Kindle. I shall look into this. In the meantime, I am rather glad that the Pope has decided to stay in the Vatican hotel and likes having meals in the common dining room and saying Mass there each morning in the main Chapel for the guests and staff. He seems very serious about staying in touch with others and living a simple life.

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