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Friday, March 15, 2013

Our New Pope and Simplicity

This was taken of Pope Francis on the way back to the hotel. I read several ways the new Pope is trying to show that he wants more simplicity. For his Mass with the Cardinals yesterday he asked that they keep to their black cassocks instead of changing into the formal red robes; he kept the black shoes his friends had given him to go to the Conclave. He wanted the church kept open when he went to pray to Our Lady as any pigrim (this request was refused by the security), he also refused the car and emerged from the last bus on the way back to the hotel after appearing on the balcony to speak to the 100,000 gathered in the square and streets around St. Peter's; he was concerned about them being kept waiting in the rain. He also kept a simple cross rather than any of the jeweled ones put out for him to select from and refused to wear the gorgeous cape that was ready for him. I hope this simplicity will be copied by the other Cardinal and bishops. I think we are going to learn much from the example of the new Holy Father. He also refused to sit on the white chair on the throne put out for him in the Sistine Chapel to greet the Cardinals. He wanted to be on a level with them. I am hoping to hear something about his four brothers and sisters but have not yet read any information about them. Our newspaper had a doctor saying that since Pope Francis lost a lung as a teenager, he was able to adapt very well. This is just a great deal of miscellaneous information today, but I am excited about the changes that I hope will gradually begin in the Vatican and in the entire Church.

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