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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The story of the Father who had two sons...

This Sunday's Gospel has the parable of Jesus that is usually known as "The Prodigal Son" but really it is all about the love of the Father. I think this was what Jesus was all about: making known the love of God. He wanted all to know that God is Love. The father readily gives his son his share of  what he would inherit; he watches his son leave and continues to follow him with his love, looking, hoping, praying, each day for the return of this younger son. He runs to meet him. There is not a single word of reproach; indeed, the Father is so happy he wants all to rejoice with him and calls for the best robe to be brought, puts a ring on the finger of his son and kills the fatted calf - what more can he do for him? He has forgiven all and just wants to pour out his love. Jesus wants all of us to realize that God is love. That is the Good News!

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