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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In the secret place of the heart...

Again the Chapter of 2008 has led me to pray and reflect on our priority for contemplation. I remember having a visit with my Provincial as I began my 80th year of life. I told her that I thought the time had come for me to retire from the University. She said,
"But, Helen! What will you do?"
I replied that I hoped to become more contemplative! And I think I have and it is pure gift. I also still find myself daydreaming or thinking without taking the time to be still. The Chapter document says:"..we are called to stop, to choose silence and to open and let ourselves be opened to our inner depths where the Spirit of God allows us to feel, see and understand life and reality with God's heart. When we allow our bodies to be silent, our senses awaken and we are able to hear the voice of the Spirit within us. Then in the secret place of the heart the Spirit gradually transforms our feelings and responses, and draws us into an intimate relationship with God."
Let us explore the secret place of the heart today and there we find the Heart of Jesus opens for us to entr and descend into the depths.

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