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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The sixth month...

Sometimes we need perspective that only time can give. I think it is good to look back over our life from time to time. I usually did this monthly in preparation for spiritual direction. Yesterday, I realized that this is the sixth month of being in unusual circumstances (I have enjoyed good health and taken it for granted). I have been in the hospital for almost a month, then rehab, then out to Oakwood to recuperate and spending another 100 days in isolation and on antibiotics to try to get rid of an infection that kept returning. Yet, looking back over these months, I am aware of so many graces.
I am going to share with you what I wrote in my Journal yesterday: Graces received
- a deeper, more intimate and constant relationship with Jesus
-a felt presence of the Trinity, Mary, and sometimes my parents surrounding me
- my love and need for community
- the value of silence and solitude for contemplation
- an increased love for my vocation to he Society of the Sacred Heart
- deeper trust in the Heart of Jesus
- further confirmation that I am to pipe a song of joy to Jesus

I could continue, but that is what I wrote yesterday in prayer.

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