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Monday, March 30, 2015


Mother Stuart wrote in a letter to Alban Goodier:" To set out from such words as Sea of peace, eternal Trinity. ..' and wade out and out into the bare thought of them, until I lose my footing and am overwhelmed."
We have all had some experience of being overwhelmed by God but may not know how to express it. Perhaps it takes a poet.

I find Holy Week a bit overwhelming and will not write about it today but share another poem from my dear RSCJ sister, Carol Bialock.
The Best Kept Secret

The best kept secret of them all:
Here is enough,
Now is plenty.

Waiting for something else is to scorn diamonds,
Running elsewhere is to cast off pearls.

Take the jewels and adorn yourself.
You will never glow more brilliantly then here;
You will never be more radiant than now.

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