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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Joy and suffering

Ode to Joy is what Vatican radio titled the homily Pope Francis gave March 27th. He spoke of Abraham's joy and then said
"the joy of faith, the joy of the Gospel is the touchstone of a person’s faith: without joy that person is not a true believer”.

Although we want to be with Jesus as we enter Holy Week, we know that He suffered, died, and now is risen! That is our faith and that gives us joy. I firmly believe that Jesus wants us to rejoice in His love and, as the Pope says, "without joy that person is not a true believer."
During Holy Week we enter into the feelings of Jesus as He prepared to die for us and to die on the cross. He suffered this horrible death for us. His Heart was pierced for us to contemplate His great love for each of us. Devotion to the Heart of Christ gives me joy because I know that I am loved. May we show our love for Jesus as we follow Him during Holy Week. Let us also remember that the Paschal Mystery is both death and resurrection.

My I-pad does not seem to want me to change to larger print - I need to learn more or just go find a computer to write this blog!

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