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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Lord dreams of me . . .

Have you thought about it? The Lord dreams of me! He thinks of me! I am in the Lord’s mind and in His heart! The Lord can change my life! And he has many projects: ‘we will build houses and plant vineyards, we will share our meals’… these are the dreams of someone who is in love…. Thus we can see that the Lord is in love with his people. And when he says to his people: ‘I haven’t chosen you because you are the strongest, the biggest, the most powerful. I have chosen you because you are the smallest of them all. You could add: the most miserable. This is whom I have chosen’. This is love”.

These words of Pope Francis are to be pondered and believed. God loves us so much and wants us to let Him love us. Try it today and enter into His joy. He loves every person in every part of the world.

This is in honor of St. Joseph: (Should have posted it yesterday)
“St. Joseph's silence kept him so much in touch with God; at each crisis or turning point in life, God's voice was heard indicating the way.  He waited and prayed and took counsel with God. Was not St. Joseph a markedly singlehearted man of great purity of intention? 'Always seek the Beholder of the heart.' A thing not learned in a day, but by constant practice of letting go of the human standard. To seek simply 'What does God think, judge, will, in this matter?' is an eternal thought, judgment and decision that will give peace, strength and stability. All human thoughts and wills flicker so feebly. This is a steady light.”
Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ

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