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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"God cares about mankind!"

I was lent a copy of Pope Francis' Message for the Celebration of the XLIX World Day of Peace on
January 1, 2016 and it begins: "God cares about mankind! God does not abandon us! The Pope continues saying that he wants to share this profound conviction.
He also wants to encourage us not to lose hope in our human ability to conquer evil and to combat resignation and indifference. He speaks of our capacity to a humble and compassionate heart, one capable of proclaiming and witnessing to mercy. There are many reasons to believe in mankind's solidarity and to rise above self-interest, apathy and indifference in the face of critical situations.
As I am in retreat, I thought to share a few ideas from the Message of the Pope.
He invites us to pray and work so that every Christian will have a humble and compassionate heart.

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