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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Joy gives me energy!

When we are joyful, it is easy to just feel that no task is too difficult. However, the energy for getting all we want done in a day, is not easy; joy helps, but we also need to protect our joy and admit our limitations. I think Jesus is also happy when we have the courage and common sense to admit that we are limited and to slow down and ask for help.

I am not letting "to do" lists bother me now. I do what I can and there is always tomorrow. We had a very holy and wise Religious at Kenwood when I was a novice. She loved to steal moments of prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament. As she was the one in charge of the studies for the entire Province, others wondered how she found the time for the extra prayer. She told us, "I do not do today what can be done tomorrow." I have never been brave enough. or perhaps, I have not been trusting enough in the Heart of Christ, to adopt this idea of putting off what can be done tomorrow, but I admired her for this bit of wisdom. She also is the one that told us that charity is greater than any rule or regulation!

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