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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Love transforms all

The name given to the group of new professed this time is "Love Transforms All". The devise is "you are the Center: the way, the truth, the life." I have been praying with this name and devise (motto) for some days. I do so want Jesus to always be the Center of my life. I love the song where we sing, "you are the center of my life; I will always serve you, I will always praise you, I will always love you" (hope I have remembered it correctly).
Since I have been in Arizona, my brother has shown tapes of last year's "Downton Abby" as I had not seen them. Today we look at this year's episodes. I am struck watching this secular program by how love transforms all.
Tomorrow I will meet my sister at her Church (my brother will drive me to Scottsdale) and join her for her hour of adoration there and then go home with her. We go to a country club for dinner with friends and then on Saturday, we have the meeting of the Sacred Heart alums followed by luncheon at the Phoenix Country Club. My sister is President of the Alumnae so we need to go early. I may not be writing a blog until I am home Tuesday.

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