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Friday, January 29, 2016

More about my Guided Imagery Retreat

In a guided imagery with music, you just let your imagination free to go wherever the music takes you.
I knew I had plenty of imagination but was not sure the music would activate it. I need not have worried because your guide is there to help you with a question. For instance, at one point I saw my parents. The guide asked me if they said anything to me. When I said, "No, but they both looked so well and were all dressed up." she asked me if I wanted to say something to my parents. I then thanked them for always being there for me. Then Our Lady came and she thanked me for holding the Infant Jesus in my prayer. And then I was with the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and I felt "at home".
In another imagery session, I followed a mermaid into the ocean and swam beside he until we came to what looked like a big rock; it was really a house prepared for me by Jesus so I can be with Him. I saw the rooms clearly and I felt an intimacy that has stayed with me. After the first days of retreat, I woke up one morning and  sensed Jesus sitting on the side of my bed and holding my hand. That was an intense feeling of being loved. I was the only Religious making the retreat and, from the sharing in the evenings that we did together, I realized that this kind of retreat is very freeing and deep. It is staying with me and I am so grateful now for the opportunity to have made this one after wanting to do this for years!

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