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Saturday, January 16, 2016

One of our Religious who has done a marvelous ministry in promoting Christian Meditation and actually teaching it to grade school children, lent me a book by John Main, "The Gethsemani Talks" which I had never read as they were first published when I was still in Chile.
Here are a couple of thoughts from the Second Conference to the Trappists:
"In meditation we learn to pay attention to the personal presence of Jesus within us."

We are not to be thinking about God, but "we seek to be with God, to be with Jesus, to be with His Holy Spirit, not merely to think about them."  We actually experience the Presence of Jesus within us.

That certainly can happen in many ways. I had that same experience in my Guided Imagery retreat last week.
The retreat made me feel very loved. Jesus seemed to be telling me, "just let me love you."

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