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Thursday, December 1, 2016


We wait during Advent with great expectation. We desire the day to come when we celebrate again the birth of Christ. We prepare with anticipation and joy. We want to have our hearts ready to receive Jesus again this Christmas. Perhaps our preparation is something we think about each day. We want to have time to have all ready, interiorly as well as all the exterior details that we need to do because Christmas is celebrated with sending cards to loved ones, giving gifts, decorating the home, trimming the Christmas tree, and planning the festive dinner. That just mentions a few of the many exterior preparations that most families are caught up in during Advent. Let us make sure that we find the silence so necessary to prepare our hearts to receive Jesus.

I am having a friend arrive today from Miami and I am thinking that the anticipation and joy I have is making me aware of how much expectation I have for the coming of Jesus, if I have so much for my friend's three-day visit. I have even rejoiced to see that the weather promises us sunshine. I intend to take him to my sacred spot, the retreat house on the Pacific, Villa Maria del Mar, where I have spent so many wonderful hours. If they are not having a retreat, perhaps we will pray together in the little meditation Chapel. It is a beautiful drive down and back.

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