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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


In Advent, we let our expectations build up for the coming of the Lord at Christmas. Unfortunately, we also have all these expectations of what a perfect Christmas should be and are too busy trying to buy and wrap gifts, send our Christmas cards, plan the dinner, get and trim the tree and put up all sorts of decorations, and maybe we forget the most important of all - Jesus comes to us as a helpless infant born in a stable. He allows us to rejoice with the decorations, the elaborate dinner, etc. but that is not the essential.
Take time today to sit with Jesus who loves to sit with you. Tell Him that you are going to slow down and stop rushing around to make everything perfect. Just be yourself and relax; Jesus does not want the stress that often comes when trying to do too much. The essential always gets done, maybe just not as we wanted but we are able to enjoy the birthday of the Infant Jesus. That is essential for He comes to be with us. Make some time for Him during these last days of Advent.

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