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Monday, December 5, 2016

Silence is transformative

Silence has a mysterious power. It cannot be seen, or touched, or heard, yet it is palpable, transformative. Nan Merrill said this about silence:

In silence and solitude
you will come to meet the Beloved of your heart.
For silence is power, the power of Divine Love blessing and transforming you.
Seek always the Eternal Flame
ever shining in your heart,
and let yourself be nourished and refreshed in silence.

In Advent, it is good to let ourselves wait in silence. Just be.

I read this saying in "The Divine Dance" and thought I would pass it on as Richard Rohr has a way of saying something sometimes that just stays with me. "God does not love you because you are good. God loves you because God is good." So true!

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