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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Feast of Our Lady's Immaculate Conception

This is a Holy Day of Obligation and the patronal feast for the United States. It is celebrated because God kept Mary free from sin and this day was picked to celebrate this feast; nine months from now, we celebrate the birthday of Mary.

I have been having a busy week and will be starting a new group with some of the mothers who made the Busy Persons' retreat this afternoon. I am confiding it to Mary and need to plan a bit for this first meeting. They are coming to pray together and to share.

Christmas trees are going up all over and give the house a festive look. I am also going to the high school concert tonight; last night the middle school had theirs, but I went by invitation to San Francisco yesterday for the matinee of a the musical "The Christmas Carol" so I will be home tonight. I need to discern these days what to choose as we have many options for varied activities. I have said no to art class, reading, Bingo, and, so far, have not made a movie on Saturday afternoon. I really prefer to read or have the time for prayer. This Saturday we will have an Advent retreat and I look forward to another day of silence plus the talks given by Sister Marilyn Lacey, RSM.

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