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Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve

Today we prepare for the New Year by looking back over the past. I know I have shared this in a blog before, but when I was a child at the Academy of the Visitation we were given time to think if there was "grudge" against anyone. Whatever resentment or bad feeling against anyone was written down and then the entire school went down to the playing fields where a huge bonfire made of all the now discarded Christmas trees was set on fire and each of us could burn our grudges and start the new year without any. It made a big impression on me and I think it is a good thing for all of us to do! We can just imagine throwing out grudges into a bonfire!!

Let us pray for one another that we all will have a holy, happy New Year - one full of joy and peace and hope. That is my prayer for each, and I do count on your prayer for the Guided Imagery Retreat I am to begin tomorrow in Santa Cruz. I shall be away from Monday to Monday, but will try to schedule ahead by sharing some of what I want to say for the Community retreat today. Look for that as of Monday.

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