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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Day

2017 has arrived!

2017 has arrived! After a very tumultuous year with war, natural disasters, our own political battles, and so much suffering in so many parts of the world plus the unsolved problems of hunger, the millions of refugees seeking shelter, the homeless in our own land, etc., I think we are all ready to look for the good, to concentrate on what is working, the people who are sharing and caring.
We must face this new year with courage, but also joy. We are alive and able to thank God for the gifts we have been given.
In fact, one of my suggestions for prayer is going back over your entire life to recall the graces God has given you and how He has been leading you. I firmly believe that our interior life is just as interesting and far more important than our exterior lives. Yet, how many of us write with ease an autobiography telling about family, education, places we have lived, work we have done, etc. Are you able to do this with your interior life? When did you start to know God? How has your relationship developed over the years? What might He be asking of you now? Take time to listen to God before thinking of a resolution for the New Year. And remember, if you do make a good resolution, you will break it. Reverend Mother Zurstrassen told us as we left Rome that when we quickly broke a resolution, it was the sign that it was a good one, a needed one.
Happy New Year!

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