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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Contacting friends in different countries

We are now part of the Philippine Duchesne Region that includes all of North America, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and all of South America. There is also a European Region, an Asian Region, and an African Region. The Philippine Duchesne Region really only began in 2016 with a meeting before the General Chapter of the delegates from the Provinces that make up this new Region.

I had the idea to send a letter to several of my friends in different countries to ask about how they see life in their Province, what it means for them to belong to a Region, and maybe how they are living the calls of the General Chapter of 2016.
If I get interesting answers, I will be sharing with you in this blog.
Right now, I have a short answer from one of my friends in England to share:

So good to hear from have such lovely me thinking about ‘region’.....what happened here was consultation on the topic...we were invited to share ideas of how we saw relating to other provinces. I hope my memory serves me right in saying we value contact, of course, but realise as Eng.Wales we have acknowledged fundamental variants among other provinces so no definitive, defined links were appropriate.  There is a strong emphasis on our internationality and our ‘young’ have met up and experienced life in other provinces. With Ireland/Scotland there are very strong bonds but again, recognition of identity.  The feedback from the chapter allowed each to share..i.e. our delegates and the irish ones together gave days in England and Ireland.  In April there will be a ‘gathering’ of quite a number of us from the two provinces to reflect on the chapter calls.
     We also benefit from welcoming young professed for a time before they go to probation....e.g. we had two Indian YPs....I worked a lot with one.....

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