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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Be still before God

Today I am borrowing thoughts about stillness and even an exercise to help us be still and enter into prayer from the Jesuit "Pray as you go" - I agree that we all need ways to quiet down so we can be still and listen to God. These suggestions are excellent:

  • Begin by noticing your breath, the sound of it, and the rhythm. No need to change the rate.
  • Notice the air as it enters your body, fills your lungs, sustains your life, and then departs.
  • As you inhale, breathe in God’s love for you exhale, breathe out anything you want to share with God, or let go of, and hand over to God...take three deeper breaths doing this...
  • St Ignatius suggests that before beginning a time of prayer, we should stand for about a minute and let God gaze at us. This is the God who made you and loves you.
  • So take a minute now. Stand up if you can, or remain sitting if that makes more sense. Be still, and let God look at you, or be with you, in any way that God wants.

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