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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Blessed Trinity

The next guided imagery I named "A Taste of Heaven". It began on the Island of Iona and perhaps I thought of that time of pilgrimage there because I was wearing my Scottish sweater given to me by one of my students when I visited Scotland; she arranged for another of my students to take me to Iona and that was such a great experience. One drives for miles and miles on a single lane road which means often stopping in the little pull over places to let cars coming the other direction pass as there is only room for one car on the road. Then one takes a ferry to the Isle of Mull and then you park your car and wait for another ferry to take you over to Iona where there is one taxi and I believe a few residents are the only ones who have cars. One walks everywhere. It was mostly raining and cold while we were there but the little house of prayer where we stayed was warm and inviting. One of our nuns ran it for the Diocese and she even baked bread for the guests. She cooked dinner and gave us breakfast but did not provide lunch.
None of this was in my imagery but I found myself standing on the hill above the monastery and looking to see if I could see Ireland. My guardian angel came and took me to heaven. There were many people there but I was looking for God. I found God - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit but it was a bright light that surrounded me and held me. I really felt as if I were in the Trinity and it was such a wonderful feeling that I named the image later "A Taste of Heaven." Enough for tonight.

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