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Friday, January 27, 2017

My star for the year

When we drew stars on December 31, I received the one to "Create silence" which means to embrace silence to deepen our interior life. I am really drawn to follow this star this year. I have a great help in a new setting on my hearing aids that knocks out all sound. The exterior silence is absolute, but I need to work at the interior silence! I actually have found myself for some weeks now getting up at 5:00 which gives me plenty of time to pray before 7:15 when we gather here in Westwood for breakfast. Then I return to my room to keep silence until the 9:00 Mass. I am loving this time in the morning with God. The thing that most surprises me is that I am up at 5:00. As a young nun that was the hardest thing for me and, since I always had a dormitory to care for, I usually was called at 4:45. Now that I could sleep longer, I am getting up. I think it is my Guardian Angel who wakes me so early, but it is a precious time to pray and start the day embracing the deep silence at that hour.

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