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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Jesus began to teach them...

This Sunday's Gospel begins with Jesus seeing the crowds and then sitting down with his disciples and teaching them. It is the famous teaching of the Beatitudes.

I am looking over the month of January and find it has been a very good one for me. It was so good to begin the year with the retreat. It also made this month seem so short. I am hoping to see some students next week who are to come from the school and help us if we have any computer questions. I usually have many but think the main one is something they may not be able to help with as it seems we are having trouble with our router or with the Internet connection in Westwood since the last time we lost electrical power. Today, I seem to be back on and just hope it lasts. If you do not see my blog, blame it on lack of internet connection. Sorry that this is not very spiritual. I know I was telling my third graders on Tuesday that if they felt worried or had a problem they should just say "Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You." Now I need to do the same.

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