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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Silent snowy scene

I do not really miss snow, but there is something about awakening to find all the world quiet and not a sound to be heard. Of course, that silence will not last as the snowplows will be out early to clear roads and you may be out there also trying to clear the snow and ice from your car. I am glad I remember beautiful days with the new-fallen snow, but I am quite happy to be in California.

What has this to do with prayer? I was thinking of the hush that seems to exist when one wakes up and looks out on a real winter scene. When nature is silent, one is drawn into deeper interior silence just contemplating the beauty. The first time I was home for Christmas after at least twenty-three years (and 13 of those years I was far away in Chile), I was praying for a white Christmas. We came home from Midnight Mass and all was clear. I woke up to find that it had snowed some and all the trees were so beautiful. It did not last until night, but it seemed a special gift from God to me!

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