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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Conversion of St. Paul

Today is the feast of The Conversion of St. Paul. Since I began a Pauline group here, I am taking a renewed interest in Paul. When I re-read his Epistles, I am struck by how much he shares of his own inner life. I suspect that we have grown too careful about our own sharing. If something is too intimate, you cannot find words for it, but we should try to share our experiences of God. I guess I really owe these thoughts to Father John Futrell, S.J. who repeatedly told us in the Institute for Religious Formation years ago that we needed to be in touch with our peak experiences and share them.
I am procrastinating about trying to write up my own inner experiences. I began making a list of "signposts" to map my own inner journey and then started a new Journal in Advent and seem to have forgotten the inner work still awaiting me. It may be Lent before I get to it as we have so much going on around here.
Maybe St. Paul will help me. I know St. Madeleine Sophie will and I am recalling many of her experiences and her advice on how we must cultivate our interior life.

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