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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Philippine Duchesne

In my guided imagery retreat, St. Philippine Duchesne came and sat down next to me and encouraged me to keep communicating with friends and to continue to write a daily blog. I had been thinking that perhaps I should not keep this blog going after so many years. She told me to listen to the Holy Spirit and not to give up. So, I will try to post even if I am having trouble with the Internet connection ever since we had a power failure. One day I am connected and the next day I am told by both my laptop and my I-pad that there is no connection. My neighbor in Westwood thinks that the storm caused damage to our connection as others have the same problem. I try to schedule ahead, but it I miss a day this week you will know why.

Philippine seems very close to me since she told me that she has followed my vocation every step of the way ever since I was a child at St. Charles. I have often felt her presence in my life, especially when I was sent to Chile not know a word of Spanish! I needed her courage that first year. I think she has given me the love I have for the Society of the Sacred Heart which only grows stronger each year. What a gift a vocation to the Society is and how I pray that others may hear God's call to follow Him in the Society. I am convinced that God still offers the gift of a religious vocation to young people, but are they able to hear the invitation? We must continue to pray and thank God that other countries are having an increase in vocations.

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