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Thursday, February 9, 2017

You and me

Two lovely young girls came over from the school in the rain last Friday afternoon and helped me organize my pictures into folders. Since I have taken several of the Sacred Heart school here, I want to show them to my readers. This is the beautiful pool that we no longer use due to insurance, I think. The students play water polo tournaments here during the year and both the boys' team and the girls' are excellent. I usually pause at the end of my walk to watch whatever is going on in the pool. It is heated and Olympic size and so tempting in the summer. I made a few retreats here when we were still able to use the pool.
Now for a spiritual thought: We are here to take care of ourselves so that we can also be taking care of others is what I got out of the homily one day and the thought has stayed with me. We need to think of both "I and Thou" and then we will be happy and grateful as we are here to help one another. In my own words I think it must always be "you and me" and never just "me".

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