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Saturday, February 4, 2017

An Image to Ponder

This tree is an image that speaks to me so I offer it for your reflection today. It is a survivor! It is hardy, maybe even a bit stubborn, but it is alive and seems to have nourished itself to grow and flourish amid the rocks. Did it have good soil? It is a sentinel watching over its part of the Pacific ocean. If it could speak, what would it say to you? (I do not know where all this came from, but will leave it; it might be the Holy Spirit).
Father Varin was very important both as spiritual director and the  "male superior" at the foundation of the Society of the Sacred Heart. He said something in one of his conferences that I think worth sharing with you today:
"I find this keeping of the attention fixed on the Heart of Jesus so easy and simple in itself, besides, there is a particular grace attached to your vocation which will facilitate the practice for you."

When St. Madeleine Sophie spoke of the Heart of Jesus, she meant the whole person of Jesus Christ, but the Heart of Jesus is a special symbol of His love and mercy. His Heart was pierced with a lance and this wound remains open for us to enter into the depths of His love.

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