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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday - Jesus is the Light of the World

Christ the Friend Friends do things together. Christ’s main activity on this earth is salvation, being salt and light for souls dying and blinded because of sin. By bringing us into the Church – the “city on a hill” – he has invited us to work side by side with him. He wants to Modified Sermon on the Mount Yelin-Bergpredigt for post on Matthew 5:13-16include us in his most engaging task – glorifying God the Father by working for the salvation of our brothers and sisters. He has offered his hand in friendship by offering us a share in his invaluable, incomparable work. Will we accept the offer?

I copied the above as I thought it would be good today to take time to reflect on Jesus as a faithful friend who is always with us. He is there to listen to both our joys and sorrows, to help us and to give us inspiration. We need to cultivate this friendship by spending time with Jesus today and everyday, but Sundays are the Lord's day so do take time to be with Him today.

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