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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Gratitude that Overflows

This is a picture I took on a visit to Half Moon Bay with my sister and brother-in-law. I just love to look at the ocean. We had lunch in the hotel and the green you see in the picture is part of the golf course. I wonder how many balls go into the Pacific?

This is a time to be grateful for my vocation as the anniversary of my final profession is on February 8th - there are not too many of us still alive out of the 46 who began those contemplative months in Rome together. Five of us will get together during this week and reminisce. (I keep waiting to see if the computer will check the spelling of that last word as I am not usually writing about taking time to reminisce.) It is a good word though and when I do take the time, I am filled with gratitude; sometimes the gratitude just overflows and I need to express it here and with others. I have been so blessed and do not see how I can ever complain about anything, but I still do find that I need to watch that quick response and think of how I should be just thanking for everyone and everything in my life.

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