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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Feast of the Presentation

Newly born infants sleep most of the time, but what joy the presence of Jesus gave to Simeon and to Anna. Our Lady was there as the mothers not only had to present their first born sons in the Temple, but they had to go through the purification rite.

I have something special to share with you today. There are seven principles of generative listening and so good to have that I am sharing them with you.

1. Slowing down and noticing more of what is present.
2. Listening with all my senses.
3. Listening to the words/images chosen: those specifically and not others.
4. Listening to the emotions conveyed by the person who is talking.
5. Suspending judgment: not pre-empting, classifying, nor dismissing what the person is expressing.
6. Noticing what I don't understand or what triggers questions for me rather than what I don't like about what I hear.
7. What do I feel as I listen to what is being said--and why?

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