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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Today is really George Washinton's Birthday

I am thinking that we need to pray much for our country and especially for those who are suffering from poverty. We are a rich country and it is a disgrace that people do not have a living wage, cannot find jobs, are denied green cards, cannot afford health care or do not have the possibility of educating their children in good schools. I guess I could add a great many more things but prefer to think that if all of us worked for the common good, our country would be great. If we could cut the money spent for defense, we could help so many and, if we are at peace with all the world, we could have such a good influence on the environment, world economy, etc.
Sorry I got carried away. In the meantime, let us pray today for more openness and compassion in our own lives and in our government. 

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