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Saturday, March 18, 2017

A few thoughts

My niece-in-law, Gabriela, came to visit me on Thursday and took this picture. I was talking to this mama goat who was upset because her little ones were still inside the fence with all the rest of the goats and she had been taken out so she would not interfere, I think, with the older students who were cleaning the area.
It was a joy to see Gabriela and she will make the long drive to come see me after Easter.
I am still thinking about the retreat I made last Monday and the theme was all about our bodies as temples for God dwells in us. That is hard for us to realize, but we must learn to listen to what our bodies tell us. God speaks to us through our bodies. He also speaks to us through our imaginations. I am going to share some of the quotes but just have not had much time or energy this week. We did have a great St. Patrick's Day party given by the San Francisco alums. And, of course, we had corn beef and cabbage at our main meal with Irish soda bread that was the best I have ever had. It was brown bread.

From Pam's Musings:

Such an interesting take...
passive voice for the son!
Not "he has returned",
but "he has been found!"
If you lose something precious 
in swirling sands,
 and sift hopefully to recover it,
and you find did not find you.
That's the way it is when
I wander, trip, and fall, get buried
in swirling sands of life...
can't see or breathe, want to escape.
Without warning,
God gently pulls me up and
I breathe again!  I have been found,
forgiven!  Celebrate!!!

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