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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Simplifying the Soul

LENT 2017  --  Simplifying the Soul

Ash Wednesday:  Clear out a junk drawer or closet  [let go of what one doesn’t need]
Thursday: Scrub a dirty corner [pray for discernment concerning hidden sin and being in denial]
Friday: Give away something you are not using [be liberated from the seductive tyranny of possessions]
Saturday: Set up a special, simple place of prayer [for uninterrupted quiet at least 15 min daily]

I thought these ideas worth copying from "Simplifying the Soul" as we begin Lent. I may copy more, but it you can substitute ideas of your own; it will make for an active Lent!
I am still praying over the four things I want to do for Lent. I do not want to take on too much, but I also want to do some concrete things such as the above suggestions.

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