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Friday, March 3, 2017

Set sail; let God chart the voyage!

One of the calls of the Chapter is for us to "set sail". Here is a good idea for all of us this Lent:

Think of an ocean liner traveling the seas. A small change in its course will, over time, greatly change the destination. Lent is an opportunity to have small changes in your daily life make a big difference in your family over the long run. Practice Lent, right where you are. It's where God is waiting for you.

I like the idea that even a small change will in time  change the course, if not our final destination. I read in "The Little Black Book" that "the entire season of Lent points toward my eternal life. That is my destination! Let me make the small changes now to stay on course, letting God chart the entire voyage. We have the gift of these forty days to advance in the sea of life in ways that help us, our world, and give joy to Jesus as He sees all of our efforts for change!

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