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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spend time in silence before the mystery of your body...

One of my RSCJ friends from Canada is spending the day with me. I have signed out a car and we shall have fun together. She spent a year with our community in Miami and then moved to New Orleans, but will be back in Canada next year so I am just looking forward to being with her.
The older one gets, it seems that one values friends more than ever.
I also have been thinking of my body as a very close, intimate friend that needs to be listened to everyday!

John O'Donohue in Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom, says:

"The body is your only home in the universe. It is your house of belonging here in the world. It is a very sacred temple. To spend time in silence before the mystery of your body brings you toward wisdom and holiness. It is unfortunate that often only when we are ill do we realize how tender, fragile, and precious is the house of belonging called the body....
Your body is, in essence, a crowd of different members who work in harmony to make your belonging to the world possible. We should avoid the false dualism that separates the soul from the body. The soul is not simple within the body, hidden somewhere within its recesses. The truth is rather the converse. Your body is in the soul, and the soul suffuses you completely. Therefore, all around you there is a secret and beautiful sunlight."

You can see I am still with thoughts from Father Fish and the retreat on listening to our bodies. My body seems to be saying a great deal to me.

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