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Thursday, May 9, 2019

After All This Comfort

Many months ago I quoted, with permission, some of Carol Bialock's poems. Since she is a good RSCJ friend, I believe I still have her permission and I know I did not copy the ones she had about death and dying. Now I am ready to do so as we have just had two deaths here and another is perhaps close to death plus our Sisters in Albany have had two deaths - all this shows that God wants to take some of His friends home during this Easter season.
This is the poem: After All This Comfort:

So, after all this comfort,
you think you will die uncomforted?

You will die hugged to the breast,
nursed into light.
It will be the deepest comfort, and you
will celebrate wedding.
You will stand at the altar in that final
caressing and say "Amen!" to the great questioning.
You who said "Yes" will keep repeating
"Yes, indeed yes!"

And there will be a comfortable,
an infinitely comforting
Beginning Kiss.

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