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Friday, May 31, 2019

Remembering with gratitude

This is the statue of St. Philippine Duchesne found now at the corner of the Academy and commissioned by the city of St. Charles. I am spending my birthday with her this year and asking for the grace of union with the Heart of Jesus. Actually, we are all united to His Heart so I guess I am asking to be more conscious of this and to love others with His Love. It is a good grace to ask for on my 88th birthday. I never expected to live this long, but I am so grateful that I am still able to do for myself, walk without a cane or walker ( one of the few here able to do that). The good thing about old age is that one can pass on the wisdom acquired and have many good memories to share.

One year I made a summer program with one of our Religious from Australia. She asked us to think about the best year of our life, to go back and relive that year in memory. I remember at the time that I felt I had so many wonderful years that it was hard to pick one, but finally chose my sophomore year at Maryville college as so many good things happened to me that year and in June I entered the Society of the Sacred Heart.

can you go back in memory and find the best year of your life? It makes you grateful for we all have so many good years to choose from that it is hard to decide which was the best year.

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