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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Gratitude as we age

After my pilgrimage to St. Charles during my visit to St. Louis, I have been thinking more about Philippine during her last ten years. She spent these in a little room at St. Charles; I think she still must  have been able to manage steps as the community room was on the second floor and the dining room in the basement. I know she taught catechism to some French children under the porch on the basement level. She also still did quite a bit of sewing. Besides mending the clothes of the children, she still was able to make vestments for the priests in different churches, but she was not able to thread her needle and the children loved to do that for her.

I guess I am preparing for my 88th birthday next Friday by going back to thank for all the people in my life who have been so kind and loving and important to me. I was going to think of just 88, but found that I had 88 important and cherished people in my life before I made final profession in 1960. I guess I will easily have another 88 special friends from the next 20 years in Chile and still more in the 39 years since I have returned to the United States. I have much to be grateful for and relationships are so important!

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