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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

We have so many brave people to remember

One of my aunts was married to one of my favorite people. When the Second World War began, Bob was really too old to be drafted, but he had gone to a military school and wanted to join up and was sent to Officers/ Training and then went on to become finally a Lieutenant Colonel and at one point was stationed on a small island in the South Pacific and my aunt joined him there, one of three women on the island whose husbands were officers and wives were allowed. They lived in a Quonset hut and there was nothing to do. They became great bridge players! A General visited and my aunt only had hot dogs to serve him, but he decided that every time a supply boat was going back and forth from Japan, the officers should take their wives! Now this was, of course, after peace had been restored. Bob ended up in Europe where he was in charge of all the army PXes so had to travel to check on them. His life was interesting, but the normal soldier does not have an easy life. We should be grateful that our armed forces find willing recruits and we do not need to draft young people. Still, I wish we could stop fighting in so many places in our world today. We need to pray for peace!

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