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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

"Widening the Door"

Since Sister Carol Bialock's Poems are to be published next month, I am whetting appetites by sharing a few, with her permission. This one is called "Widening the Door":

Does the heart have a narrow door"
Will it allow in just one more
Of every beast and flower and bird
And every song it has ever heard?

Just one more child, just one more flower,
One more relinquishing of power
To that sane and sacred foolishness
Of living by inclusiveness?

Does the heart have a supple, elastic latch
That makes it easy to dispatch
All pettiness and bigotry
And open it to what makes free?

Is the heart a huge and lovely land?
Does it know the meaning of "Expand
And make your borders bright
And luminous with love's own light"?

Yet who can heal all the wounds and hate
Make my heart open, free and great."

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